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will writing

Cliff Foster is a fully accredited Associate of Collective Legal Solutions and able to provide Wills for everybody.

Cliff Foster visits the clients in their own homes and at the initial meeting takes information from the clients. The clients express where they would like their assets to go to and assistance is given on the best way for this to happen.

A report is then prepared and sent to clients.

Contact is made after 2 weeks to discuss the report with the clients. If at that stage they want to proceed a second visit is made, the detailed instructions taken and payment is made. There is no cost if the client does not proceed after the first visit.

Will documents are prepared and taken to clients to ensure correct signing takes place.

estate planning

Correct Estate Planning involving Inheritance Tax Planning will ensure that the minimum amount of tax payable is achieved.

By careful control of the estates for married or civil partnership couples it is possible to protect a portion of the assets for the beneficiaries. After the first death, if the assets went to the survivor then those assets could be lost through re-marriage, bankruptcy or Care Costs. By utilising our services we can protect against those risks.

For unmarried couples we can set in place similar protection.

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